When one must face a powerful enemy, one needs power to combat it.

That was what created the police in the first place right? Form a group that has the strength to match those they would have to appose.

That is the ideal.

The reality is much, much more biased. The powers granted to the government agencies such as the FBI, the CIA, or the INS are massive. Yet, they are small in the grand scheme of things. We all are in fact. All it takes is slight nudge of the earth and all life is dead in a matter of hours. Humans have the power to obliterate their common man into nothing but ash and radiation, and as we slowly creep towards the end all we can do is sit there and watch…

Or Not.

You are part of Delta Green, a group designed to face those powers that would try and bring humanity closer to the end. You were enlisted from several different government agencies based on your resources but mostly your experience and character.

“Deception is a right,
Truth is a privlidge,
Innocence is a Luxury"

You are Delta Green, now get out there.

"There's No point to killin' someone..."

Delta green banner bowman42